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1. What is Derun magic eraser Sponge ?

The Derun Magic Eraser is a melamine foam which has superfine eraser-like fibres that easily lift and trap dirt.

2. Does Derun Magic Eraser need add detergent like PU foam or cellulose sponge ?

Derun Magic Sponge is chemical and detergent free and actually performs a 'mechanical' clean. 

3. Where can be used for the Derun Magic Sponge 

It can be used on most hard surfaces, however it is always recommended that you test in an inconspicuous spot on each surface first. It should not be used on automotive paintwork, polyurethane surfaces, non-stick cookware or surfaces that are delicate or highly polished/glossy or have a brush, satin, dark or faux finish as trapped dirt may scratch.

4. How about the melamine floor pads